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 Deep Well Jet Pumps

Do you need a deep well jet pump?

Do you need to irrigate a remote location on your property, provide water to your home because you do not have access to municipal water services, or bring a water supply to the livestock on your farm? A deep well jet pump can accommodate all of those situations. Like its predecessor the windmill, it can move large quantities of water from one location to another i.e. from a well source to a barn, or to a crop.

Installing a deep well jet pump 

Deep well jet pumps consist of two main parts: a pump and a motor section. These pieces are lowered into your well until they are submerged under water. The pump is generally located above the motor by sections of pipe. Because the pump is located beneath the surface of the water, it is always in a primed state and ready for use.

Advantages to deep well jet pumps 

PumpThere are two distinct advantages to the deep well jet pump. First, because the working sections of the pump are lowered into the well and settled below the surface of the water, noise is practically nonexistent in comparison to their above ground counterparts. Second, because this particular type of pump is manufactured especially for deep wells all its working parts are located below the ground surface freezing level, thereby ensuring that the flow of water from the well to its destination will not be compromised by freezing temperatures. This second advantage is especially appreciated by people who live in countries with cold winter climates.

Perfect for the cottage 

If you own a home outside the limits of the municipal water services, you will be required to find groundwater such as a lake or spring or to dig a well in order to find a deep water source on your property. Ideally, the location of the well will be within a reasonable proximity of your house; however, in some cases, it is necessary to transport the water from a significant distance. Deep well jet pumps come in many different configurations to handle all situations, allowing you to enjoy the luxury of an abundant water supply in your country house during all seasons, as well as the serenity of your environment due to their quiet operation.